TOP 5 Biggest Lottery wins in History

Playing slots and placing bets on sportsbooks is thrilling, but to win a lottery… that is the dream for many. Almost each and everyone of us have imagined what it would feel like to win such a huge amount of money while picking up numbers on that Powerball coupon. Some of us wish to continue the life as it was, but for most the dreams include either buying a luxurious house at the French Riviera, getting that fabulous sports car and traveling around the world in first class. Whatever the case may be, everyone can certainly come up with ways to spend the money.

The lottery dreams unfortunately do not come to reality for most of us but there are people who have won, so it is always worth it to keep those dreams alive and play! These five lottery winner stories will totally inspire you to place that coupon at lotto247.



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The man from UK who won 108 million pounds

108 million pounds. Now that is a lot of money. That is over 118 million euros and almost 138 million dollars. That is also exactly how much Neil Trotter won in Euromillions in March 2014. In interviews, he always remembers to mention how he has always believed in winning in a lottery. What makes all of this a bit scary is that Neil Trotter had told his staff the day before winning that “this time tomorrow” he would be a millionaire. And that is exactly what happened. If that is not scary then what is?


Regardless of Neil Trotter´s exceptional skills of predicting lottery wins like it is not a big deal, Trotter has enjoyed his money ever since he won the lottery. Worked in an automotive industry before his win, it was only natural to spend money on his beloved hobby, stating that he would love to own a supercar such as a McLaren car. Although we cannot confirm whether he ended up to get his dream car or not, we can surely say that with 108 million pounds, anything in this world is possible.

It seems that the only thing one has to do is to dream enough and the wish may come true!

The mystery behind Indian lottery winner

Imagine hearing on the local news that a major jackpot on the local lottery has just been won. Who is that lucky guy or girl, you may think (unless it is you, then you definitely know the answer). Most often than not, the story does not tell much about the winner. Some want to keep it as a secret even from their relatives. But how about the mystery man who had not showed up to pick up his lottery win for some time after the results were in?


In an Indian lottery Sikkim Super Lotto, a jackpot of ₹172 915 375, over two million euros, was won. The excitement went first through the roof within the area the winning ticket was purchased but it soon turned out into a true mystery as the winner did not show up even after various attempts to find the winner. Although the story does not tell whether the money was ever received, what is sure is that one should never forget to check their lottery ticket. There is only so much time under which one has to claim the win. And you never know…

British couple that won Euromillions - twice

Be it Powerball or the local lottery, winning any lottery requires a lot of luck. Well, imagine if that happened to you twice? That is exactly what happened to a British couple who won Euromillions. The story was published in many newspapers, and no wonder as it is a true miracle. David and Kathleen Long have told that they knew they would eventually win and that they purchased one of the top class Jaguar cars available on the market.


You wonder how much they won in Euromillions? Exactly one million pounds twice. The first time was in 2013 and then just two years later, the luck was on their side once again as they won another million on 27th of March in 2015. What a lucky couple, right? Bet they are still buying tickets on Euromillions. With that kind of luck, anyone would.

The biggest Eurojackpot won in a small Finnish town

Imagine playing the same syndicate with a group of people in your small village. And then one day, or should we say evening when the results come in, all the numbers on your coupon match on the numbers shown on your TV screen. Feels unrealistic and unreal.


But it does not only happen to be any Eurojackpot but rather the biggest Eurojackpot ever in the history of the game. Over 90 million – 92 million euros to be exact – was received with a shared joy of 50 people. Although the syndicate was large, so was the joy as the jackpot had more than enough money to share for each and every person who was part of that syndicate. The winning entry was sold in a tiny town in Finland called Siilinjärvi. The local supermarket where the winning entry was bought told that people everywhere from Finland have been stopping to buy a coupon from that store ever since.


Shared joy is the best joy – at least when it comes to Eurojackpot!

Sharing is caring - 110 winners on the same day

If the previous story was about sharing, then this takes it to another level. The story is older but it still pops up from time to time due to its extremely low probability to happen. On the same day, 110 people happened to win 500,000$ and 100,000$ prizes on Powerball which is one of the biggest lotteries in the world. It is highly uncommon for so many to win at the same time as usually there are only 3-5 winners if there are any.


The funny part – the winning numbers came out from a fortune cookie!

September 30, 2020 By Royalcasino