Casino Resort: Bally's Colombo

Have you been enjoying online casinos and the joys of playing live casino games from the comfort of your home? Playing live casino games at home is almost like playing at a real land based casino. Everything happens in real time on the screen, the dealer communicates with players via chat and there is a sense of excitement when opening a live casino game on laptop or smartphone. However, it is almost the same, but not quite.


Fulfilling the live casino dream is very easy and exciting at Casino Resort Bally´s Colombo. Located in Sri Lanka, the Live Casino dream is closer than you think. Take a short trip to the island nation and play Indian favorites and place your bets on Andar Bahar, Teen Patti or any game you prefer!


Bally´s Colombo offers various table games as well as slots in an exquisite, luxurious and lavish setting. Open the doors to Bally´s Colombo Casino Resort with its red interior, enjoy Live Casino as well as restaurants, promotions, draws and so much more. Find out more about the resort while thinking about the best Teen Patti strategies to beat the house edge.


  • Casino Resort Bally´s Colombo is located in Colombo, Sri Lanka
  • The casino offers various games from table games to slot machines
  • The casino has a smart casual dress code



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Fulfill the wildest live casino dreams

Casino Resort Bally´s Colombo focuses on providing great entertainment, exquisite shows as well as unforgettable experiences at their live casino. The doors of the casino open to a huge lounge with table games where players can wander and search for their favorite table to sit on. Screens on the side of the table let the players know what game is played and what are the minimum and maximum bets. Additional information, such as the results of previous rounds may be given depending on the game.


What is expected at a luxurious land based casino is the level of service. Beverages and snacks can often be purchased. Enjoying the entertainment and the atmosphere is part of the live casino experience. Having breaks after intense game rounds is essential since time flies when engaging in various activities, slots and table games inside Casino Resort Bally´s Colombo.


Since the land based casino offers many games, it may be worth considering what to play when entering Bally´s Colombo. If playing familiar Indian games is the reason why you wish to visit this casino in Sri Lanka, you should definitely go for it since playing games like Andar Bahar is much more exciting for real money. There are other games, such as Sic Bo, Texas Holdem Poker, Blackjack and Roulette, too. Although the dealers are happy to help players with the basics, it is a good idea to remind oneself the rules of various table games before sitting on a busy table.

Play Indian favorites Andar Bahar and Teen Patti

This resort knows where many of its customers come from. Table games loved by people coming from India have clearly been taken into consideration at Bally’s Colombo. The casino offers Andar Bahar as well as Teen Patti in addition to other globally popular table games. The resort offers various deals and promotions, some of which are often focused on these two games.


Now, how does playing Andar Bahar or Teen Patti at a land based casino actually differ from playing live casino at an online casino? There are three main differences that are good to take into consideration. Firstly, land based casinos usually have more distractions compared to online casinos. When placing bets on Andar Bahar or choosing whether to become a seen player at Teen Patti, focus on the game.


Secondly, there may be a need to remember the poker face at a Teen Patti table. Unlike at an online casino, at Bally´s Colombo Casino Resort player faces other players. Subtle non-verbal hints such as facial expressions may give a clue of the strength of the hand for an experienced player. Finally, counting cards at a land based casino may be highly beneficial. Unlike at an online casino where card counting is practically impossible, it may be possible to make better betting decisions based on mathematical approach towards games. This especially applies to Teen Patti. Counting cards is not very beneficial on Andar Bahar, however.


  • Andar Bahar and Teen Patti are offered at Casino Resort Bally´s Colombo
  • Land based casinos have distractions – focus on the game
  • Practice counting cards beforehand if planning to play Teen Patti


Curious to find out what else the resort has to offer or considering where to stay on your trip? Continue reading.

Make it a true vacation at the The Kingsbury Colombo

Now, Bally´s Colombo is more than just a land based casino. Located in Colombo, the capital city of Sri Lanka, everything you wish is close. There is no need to leave Bally´s Colombo far, as the resort naturally has a luxurious hotel right next to it. The Kingsbury Colombo Hotel provides an excellent experience regardless whether staying at Superior room or at one of the fancy Suites. The resort also has a relaxing spa offering massages, facials, steam rooms and so much more. Enjoy a delicious dinner before heading to play Teen Patti and get active in the morning at the gym or swimming pool.


Bally´s Colombo offers various package deals for high rollers. The classic package includes three nights at the hotel as well as food and transportations. How about putting all in? Consider looking further into Gold, Platinum and Diamond packages.


  • The resort consists of a casino, hotel, spa and restaurants
  • The casino offers various packages of different value for casino players
  • The Kingsbury Colombo Hotel is within a short walking distance from the casino


Combining an amazing holiday with Live Casino activities at Bally´s Colombo is a dream come true. So, now the real question is: when it is time to place the bets on Andar Bahar, which side are you going to choose?

July 27, 2020 By Royalcasino