TOP 5 Biggest Lottery wins in History

Playing slots and placing bets on sportsbooks is thrilling, but to win a lottery… that is the dream for many. Almost each and everyone of us have imagined what it would feel like to win such a huge amount of money while picking up numbers on that Powerball coupon. Some of us wish to continue the life as it was, but for most the dreams include either buying a luxurious house at the French Riviera, getting that fabulous sports car and traveling around the world in first class. Whatever the case may be, everyone can certainly come up with ways to spend the money.

The lottery dreams unfortunately do not come to reality for most of us but there are people who have won, so it is always worth it to keep those dreams alive and play! These five lottery winner stories will totally inspire you to place that coupon at lotto247.



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The man from UK who won 108 million pounds

108 million pounds. Now that is a lot of money. That is over 118 million euros and almost 138 million dollars. That is also exactly how much Neil Trotter won in Euromillions in March 2014. In interviews, he always remembers to mention how he has always believed in winning in a lottery. What makes all of this a bit scary is that Neil Trotter had told his staff the day before winning that “this time tomorrow” he would be a millionaire. And that is exactly what happened. If that is not scary then what is?


Regardless of Neil Trotter´s exceptional skills of predicting lottery wins like it is not a big deal, Trotter has enjoyed his money ever since he won the lottery. Worked in an automotive industry before his win, it was only natural to spend money on his beloved hobby, stating that he would love to own a supercar such as a McLaren car. Although we cannot confirm whether he ended up to get his dream car or not, we can surely say that with 108 million pounds, anything in this world is possible.

It seems that the only thing one has to do is to dream enough and the wish may come true!

The mystery behind Indian lottery winner

Imagine hearing on the local news that a major jackpot on the local lottery has just been won. Who is that lucky guy or girl, you may think (unless it is you, then you definitely know the answer). Most often than not, the story does not tell much about the winner. Some want to keep it as a secret even from their relatives. But how about the mystery man who had not showed up to pick up his lottery win for some time after the results were in?


In an Indian lottery Sikkim Super Lotto, a jackpot of ₹172 915 375, over two million euros, was won. The excitement went first through the roof within the area the winning ticket was purchased but it soon turned out into a true mystery as the winner did not show up even after various attempts to find the winner. Although the story does not tell whether the money was ever received, what is sure is that one should never forget to check their lottery ticket. There is only so much time under which one has to claim the win. And you never know…

British couple that won Euromillions - twice

Be it Powerball or the local lottery, winning any lottery requires a lot of luck. Well, imagine if that happened to you twice? That is exactly what happened to a British couple who won Euromillions. The story was published in many newspapers, and no wonder as it is a true miracle. David and Kathleen Long have told that they knew they would eventually win and that they purchased one of the top class Jaguar cars available on the market.


You wonder how much they won in Euromillions? Exactly one million pounds twice. The first time was in 2013 and then just two years later, the luck was on their side once again as they won another million on 27th of March in 2015. What a lucky couple, right? Bet they are still buying tickets on Euromillions. With that kind of luck, anyone would.

The biggest Eurojackpot won in a small Finnish town

Imagine playing the same syndicate with a group of people in your small village. And then one day, or should we say evening when the results come in, all the numbers on your coupon match on the numbers shown on your TV screen. Feels unrealistic and unreal.


But it does not only happen to be any Eurojackpot but rather the biggest Eurojackpot ever in the history of the game. Over 90 million – 92 million euros to be exact – was received with a shared joy of 50 people. Although the syndicate was large, so was the joy as the jackpot had more than enough money to share for each and every person who was part of that syndicate. The winning entry was sold in a tiny town in Finland called Siilinjärvi. The local supermarket where the winning entry was bought told that people everywhere from Finland have been stopping to buy a coupon from that store ever since.


Shared joy is the best joy – at least when it comes to Eurojackpot!

Sharing is caring - 110 winners on the same day

If the previous story was about sharing, then this takes it to another level. The story is older but it still pops up from time to time due to its extremely low probability to happen. On the same day, 110 people happened to win 500,000$ and 100,000$ prizes on Powerball which is one of the biggest lotteries in the world. It is highly uncommon for so many to win at the same time as usually there are only 3-5 winners if there are any.


The funny part – the winning numbers came out from a fortune cookie!

Online gambling banned in Andhra Pradesh

Major changes regarding online gambling have been implemented in the state of Andhra Pradesh. The Chief Minister YS Jagan Mohan Reddy together with the Council of Ministers has approved the amendments to the Gaming Act from 1974 introducing changes towards online gaming, particularly targeting to prevent people playing games such as rummy and poker. These are games that are highly popular in the online gambling community in India.


The driving force to amendments was Somu Veerraju, the state president of Andhra Pradesh. Although it has been said that the amendments were made to protect young adults from gambling addiction, the recent ban on mobile apps from China by the Indian government as well as the rapid growth of online gambling industry in India during the pandemic have been speculated to have an effect on the speed of introducing these changes.



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Time in jail and fines ahead for those who engage in gambling


The amendments to the law made it possible to be punished in situations where someone is found out to be engaging in gambling activities online. Those who get caught for the first time will face one year in jail. In a case of second offense, the individual would face two years in jail as well as a fine. No other measures for those who keep offending the law were introduced. What is more, any preventative actions, therapy sessions or other softer forms of preventing or getting rid of already existing gambling addiction were not introduced.


New law to protect young people from addiction


As expected, the reasons behind the ban are in protecting people from getting addicted to gambling. The act put into practice in Andhra Pradesh has been placed in the hopes of lessening problem gambling as well as protecting young adolescents from it. There has been a request to ban a few popular sites including Junglee Rummy and Ace2Three as they were claimed to be the biggest cause of luring young people into gambling.


The Gambling Laws of India leave room for interpretation


The call for banning these sites has not been executed. Although the amendments were introduced to the Gaming Act in Andhra Pradesh from 1974, the amendments only made towards the possibility of punishment in case someone was found to be gambling. Thus, the responsibility of not gambling is on the individual as no acts on banning any sites providing gambling services were taken.


The laws regarding gambling have been complex and with room for interpretation. Although outdated, the nationwide Public Gambling Act of 1867 has not been modified much since the day it was put into practice. The laws regarding gambling in India are created, monitored and executed on a state level. This has resulted in various laws and regulations within India, some of which carry out the law more rigorously than others. For instance, the Gambling Laws in Goa and Sikkim are very loose and allow gambling whereas laws in areas such as Andhra Pradesh have decided to move towards stricter laws and regulations.

Casino Resort: Bally's Colombo

Have you been enjoying online casinos and the joys of playing live casino games from the comfort of your home? Playing live casino games at home is almost like playing at a real land based casino. Everything happens in real time on the screen, the dealer communicates with players via chat and there is a sense of excitement when opening a live casino game on laptop or smartphone. However, it is almost the same, but not quite.


Fulfilling the live casino dream is very easy and exciting at Casino Resort Bally´s Colombo. Located in Sri Lanka, the Live Casino dream is closer than you think. Take a short trip to the island nation and play Indian favorites and place your bets on Andar Bahar, Teen Patti or any game you prefer!


Bally´s Colombo offers various table games as well as slots in an exquisite, luxurious and lavish setting. Open the doors to Bally´s Colombo Casino Resort with its red interior, enjoy Live Casino as well as restaurants, promotions, draws and so much more. Find out more about the resort while thinking about the best Teen Patti strategies to beat the house edge.


  • Casino Resort Bally´s Colombo is located in Colombo, Sri Lanka
  • The casino offers various games from table games to slot machines
  • The casino has a smart casual dress code



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Fulfill the wildest live casino dreams

Casino Resort Bally´s Colombo focuses on providing great entertainment, exquisite shows as well as unforgettable experiences at their live casino. The doors of the casino open to a huge lounge with table games where players can wander and search for their favorite table to sit on. Screens on the side of the table let the players know what game is played and what are the minimum and maximum bets. Additional information, such as the results of previous rounds may be given depending on the game.


What is expected at a luxurious land based casino is the level of service. Beverages and snacks can often be purchased. Enjoying the entertainment and the atmosphere is part of the live casino experience. Having breaks after intense game rounds is essential since time flies when engaging in various activities, slots and table games inside Casino Resort Bally´s Colombo.


Since the land based casino offers many games, it may be worth considering what to play when entering Bally´s Colombo. If playing familiar Indian games is the reason why you wish to visit this casino in Sri Lanka, you should definitely go for it since playing games like Andar Bahar is much more exciting for real money. There are other games, such as Sic Bo, Texas Holdem Poker, Blackjack and Roulette, too. Although the dealers are happy to help players with the basics, it is a good idea to remind oneself the rules of various table games before sitting on a busy table.

Play Indian favorites Andar Bahar and Teen Patti

This resort knows where many of its customers come from. Table games loved by people coming from India have clearly been taken into consideration at Bally’s Colombo. The casino offers Andar Bahar as well as Teen Patti in addition to other globally popular table games. The resort offers various deals and promotions, some of which are often focused on these two games.


Now, how does playing Andar Bahar or Teen Patti at a land based casino actually differ from playing live casino at an online casino? There are three main differences that are good to take into consideration. Firstly, land based casinos usually have more distractions compared to online casinos. When placing bets on Andar Bahar or choosing whether to become a seen player at Teen Patti, focus on the game.


Secondly, there may be a need to remember the poker face at a Teen Patti table. Unlike at an online casino, at Bally´s Colombo Casino Resort player faces other players. Subtle non-verbal hints such as facial expressions may give a clue of the strength of the hand for an experienced player. Finally, counting cards at a land based casino may be highly beneficial. Unlike at an online casino where card counting is practically impossible, it may be possible to make better betting decisions based on mathematical approach towards games. This especially applies to Teen Patti. Counting cards is not very beneficial on Andar Bahar, however.


  • Andar Bahar and Teen Patti are offered at Casino Resort Bally´s Colombo
  • Land based casinos have distractions – focus on the game
  • Practice counting cards beforehand if planning to play Teen Patti


Curious to find out what else the resort has to offer or considering where to stay on your trip? Continue reading.

Make it a true vacation at the The Kingsbury Colombo

Now, Bally´s Colombo is more than just a land based casino. Located in Colombo, the capital city of Sri Lanka, everything you wish is close. There is no need to leave Bally´s Colombo far, as the resort naturally has a luxurious hotel right next to it. The Kingsbury Colombo Hotel provides an excellent experience regardless whether staying at Superior room or at one of the fancy Suites. The resort also has a relaxing spa offering massages, facials, steam rooms and so much more. Enjoy a delicious dinner before heading to play Teen Patti and get active in the morning at the gym or swimming pool.


Bally´s Colombo offers various package deals for high rollers. The classic package includes three nights at the hotel as well as food and transportations. How about putting all in? Consider looking further into Gold, Platinum and Diamond packages.


  • The resort consists of a casino, hotel, spa and restaurants
  • The casino offers various packages of different value for casino players
  • The Kingsbury Colombo Hotel is within a short walking distance from the casino


Combining an amazing holiday with Live Casino activities at Bally´s Colombo is a dream come true. So, now the real question is: when it is time to place the bets on Andar Bahar, which side are you going to choose?

LeoVegas vs. Wildz

Struggling to compare and contrast online casinos? Want to know which online casinos have the best live casino? It may seem that all online casinos aim to offer the best experience which makes it a challenge to find the best one. Well, now there is no need to worry about it, as we have done the job for you. This article compares two strong contestants: LeoVegas and Wildz. The battle of the casinos starts right now!


Prefer to do the comparison yourself? Check our reviews on both LeoVegas and Wildz here:




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When it comes to the sheer amount of welcome bonus given to new players, LeoVegas has been the king of offering maybe the biggest welcome offers for Indian players. This casino offers a 100% bonus up to 80 000₹ divided into three parts. The first deposit bonus is a 100% bonus up to 20 000₹, followed by a 50% up to 20 000₹ for the second deposit and a 25% bonus up to 40 000₹ for the third deposit. The good part is that the player does not have to claim all bonuses in order to be eligible for the welcome offer.


Since LeoVegas provides a massive bonus offer for new players, paying attention to the conditions is essential. The player has 14 days to claim the first deposit offer after registering to the casino. The wagering amount is 35x which is an industry standard. Some games are excluded from the bonus. LeoVegas also offers a live casino version of their welcome offer which is a major plus.




Wildz offers a bonus as well as free spins for their new customers, providing a bit of variety to the gaming experience. The deposit bonus, a 100% bonus up to 50 000₹ is a good bonus with standard conditions. The bonus is a one time deal, meaning that it has to be claimed on first deposit and it is not split into smaller parts. The minimum deposit to claim the bonus is 1000₹. Just like the contestant, the wagering is set to be 35 times. A major downside comes when considering the live casino side as playing table games and live casino wagers only 50% of the bonus.


The free spins are a nice extra especially for those who wish to engage with slot games. Wildz offers 200 free spins which are paid for 8 days. Each day player receives 25 spins to a different game, allowing new players to get familiar with globally popular slot games. Winnings from free spins have to be wagered 35 times.


LeoVegas: 4 / 5


Wildz: 3 / 5




Offering over 2000 online slots, LeoVegas has all the biggest slot providers as well as smaller studios. The page has been divided into  tabs where players can easily jump between various game categories. The slot page is divided into following sections: Top Games, Newest Games, Daily Jackpots, Jackpots, Slots, Table Games, Classic Slots. This makes finding desired games very simple. Furthermore, the search function is of high quality as games can be searched according to game providers.


What is worth mentioning is LeoVegas´ exclusives. There are some exclusive slots, such as LeoVegas Megaways, available for players. They also provide a unique Multiplay feature for true slot lovers allowing up to 3 games to be played at the same time.




Wildz challenges LeoVegas well when it comes to slots. Although LeoVegas has many providers, a clear list of them is not provided. Wildz has an exceptionally clear list of slots according to game providers on the All Slots tab. With over 40 game providers, Wildz treats players with both popular games as well as slots from small game studios.


On the main slots page, slots are divided according to themes which definitely is a different approach towards categorizing games. At Wildz, one can easily find popular slot categories such as High Volatility slots, Asian slots, Cascading slots as well as Sports slots. Although Wildz is exceptionally good when it comes to slots, its competitor wins this round by a nose.


LeoVegas: 5 / 5

Wildz: 4 / 5

Live Casino



Live Casino must be good when catering to Indian players. Luckily, LeoVegas does that. LeoVegas separates its Live Casino to six categories: Popular, Chambre Séparée, Roulette, Blackjack and Baccarat. Chambre Séparée is an exclusive Live Casino area only for players at LeoVegas promising the kindest and nicest dealers and luxurious experience. This definitely does not occur at most online casinos.


Although Andar Bahar or Teen Patti do not have their own categories offered at Live Casino, they can be found on the Popular tab or by using the search function. LeoVegas has the industry leader game provider for both Andar Bahar and Teen Patti: Ezugi Gaming. Whereas there is only one version of Andar Bahar so far, LeoVegas has added another Teen Patti game to its options besides the original one: Bet on Teen Patti. This game is a fusion of Andar Bahar and Teen Patti, as the player chooses whether Player A or Player B is going to win. Overall, LeoVegas manages to provide a solid and enjoyable Live Casino gaming experience with both Andar Bahar and Teen Patti.




Live Casino at Wildz is fun and thrilling as there are many game providers to choose from. Most games are provided by the industry leader Evolution Gaming just like at most online casinos, but smaller providers have found their way to Wildz as well. The division between Live Casino is a bit more vague at Wildz compared to LeoVegas but still quite well executed. Indian favorites such as Andar Bahar, Teen Patti, Sic Bo and Cricket Baccarat are introduced at the top of the page as popular Live Casino games.


When it comes to Andar Bahar, the Live Casino experience is practically the same as Wildz also has Ezugi Gaming as a provider for this game thus the game is exactly the same. The same can be seen when comparing Wildz to its contestant regarding Teen Patti, as both Teen Patti and Bet on Teen Patti can be played at Wildz Live Casino.


LeoVegas: 4.5 / 5

Wildz: 3.5 / 5




Payments run smoothly at LeoVegas. Deposit transfers to the casino account right after making a deposit, and withdrawals are relatively fast. However, it is good to be prepared to wait for up to 5 business days for the withdrawal to appear on a bank account. This waiting period is common to see at most online casinos catering for Indian players.


Players are able to choose from various payment methods such as cards like Visa and MasterCard or opt for Skrill, Neteller, MuchBetter, AstropayCard and EcoPayz. Note that players at LeoVegas are not eligible to claim welcome bonuses or other bonuses when depositing with Skrill or Neteller.




Wildz offers many payment options for Indian players. Besides Visa and MasterCard, e-wallets are also available. Following e-wallets can be utilized: MuchBetter, ecoPayz, Skrill, Neteller, Astropay, EcoBanq. Although bank transfers cannot be used for deposits, it can be used for withdrawals. Deposits at Wildz are instant.


The withdrawal process is easy and fast depending on the chosen payment method, e-wallets being the faster option for receiving withdrawals compared to cards and bank transfers. Withdrawals are processed almost instantly. However, prepare to wait for the withdrawal to show up on your bank account, card or e-wallet within 1-3 business days.


LeoVegas: 3 / 5

Wildz: 4.5 / 5

Summary & Points




LeoVegas does not disappoint. Being one of the industry leaders as well as one of the first ones to open up to Indian market, it is clear that they have made an effort to attract players. Although LeoVegas is an old online casino, meaning that it has been around for a long time, it still has fresh promotions and games to offer.


The page is simple to navigate both on desktop and mobile and they have taken the extra mile when it comes to their live casino. Although its competitor promises slightly faster withdrawals, the actual difference is likely to be marginal.




Wildz has a shorter history compared to LeoVegas but it has managed to gain popularity on a global scale. They have taken Indian players well into account when planning to enter the Indian market, providing a good live casino with Andar Bahar and Teen Patti.


Wildz executes amazingly in regards to payment methods and the speed of deposits and withdrawals which is common to newer online casinos. With its good live casino as well as good variety in slot games, Wildz is a great option to go for.


Total Points

LeoVegas: 16.5 / 20

Wildz: 15 / 20


Thus, the winner is LeoVegas with 16.5 points. Main reasons on why LeoVegas got more points come down to their Live Casino and welcome bonus which both are excellent and extensive. LeoVegas manages to appeal to Live Casino enthusiasts and the layout as well as the search function make it easy to navigate on the page. Overall, LeoVegas provides a wholesome online gaming experience for Indian players.

How to win Mega Moolah

Mega Moolah is an online slot machine from Microgaming. This is a progressive slot game which means it is a networked game and with a greater number of people playing it, the jackpot amount gets bigger. The slot machine is African themed and is known to make many people billionaire by just one quick spin. We will share the best strategies to maximise your chances of winning this game.





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VIP Points

Mega Moolah History:

This ‘millionaire creator’ progressive slot game was released back in 2006 by Microgaming. This company has been around from the very early days of the internet; hence it became one of the very first sites that offered online casino games almost 10 years earlier than many others.

Record Breaking Mega Moolah Jackpot Win:

The most memorable jackpot win of all the time in progressive slots is when a British soldier named Jon Heywood from United Kingdom won the jackpot amount of £13.2 million in October 2015.


How to Play Mega Moolah:

Before we get into strategies to win the game, let us give you a gist of how the game is played.

Mega Moolah has 5 reels, 3 rows and 25 pay-lines in the slot. Other than jackpot, the game offers free spins and wild symbols.

The base game is to trigger the progressive jackpot wheel by any spin. The lion symbol is the wild symbol and if that lines up on the winning line, your winning amount gets doubled. If you get free spins, the reels look the same as the base game, but your winnings are tripled.

How do you win the Jackpot?

Winning the jackpot is your final goal, which can be won only when you get to spin the wheel of fortune. The wheel is divided into four sections and where it lands will decide if you won the jackpot or not.


  • Red Sectors – Mini Jackpot Prize
  • Orange Sectors – Minor Jackpot Prize
  • Yellow Sectors – Major Jackpot Prize
  • Silver Sector – Mega Jackpot Prize


Majority of the players win mini jackpot price, that is how the mega jackpot amount gets so large.

Tips to Win Mega Moolah

Now let us give you a few tips that will increase your chances of winning in this game.


1. Spread out Your Spins:


You cannot forget that this is a game of chance, which means with each spin your chances of winning increases. Strategically fix an amount you will spend per day spinning and spread it out throughout the day. You may win free spins now and then and some money as well which you can re-use to play for the jackpot.


2. Play when the Jackpot is Average:


If you play strategically, the best time jackpot gets triggered is when it is of average size. It is best to start playing this progressive jackpot when the amount is below $6,428,914 which is the average jackpot amount. Extreme jackpot wins is always a possibility when the amount is very high or very low, but the probability of that to happen is quite lesser than winning an average jackpot amount.


3. Use Bonus Money to make Big Bets:


The bigger the bet, the higher are your chances of triggering the jackpot wheel, but the size of the biggest bet is 6.25 and you cannot afford to play that again and again with your real money. Instead, use the deposit bonus money in your account so you lose nothing.

Remember, winning any slot game is ultimately based on your luck and hitting the jackpot is a rare thing to happen. That does not mean you do not give it a try. Till the time you do not burn holes in your pocket, you can live your life and play this progressive slot game, you never know when it can be life-changing for you.