How to Play Dragon Tiger

Dragon Tiger is a game that originated in Cambodia and it is a very simple game to play. It is much like Baccarat in that there are very few betting options and you only are betting on the Tiger or the Dragon. The game has increased in popularity the world over and is now available at most online casinos.

Real Money Dragon Tiger

You can play Dragon Tiger for money at land-based casinos as well as online casinos. In speaking of the later there is no lack of options for playing the game online, as most online casinos will have it in their game library. Online you can play the simple game in a wide variety of stakes, so you can find a game there that is suited to your bankroll. Just like the Dragon Tiger playing for real money at an online casino is simple, as you just have to register for an account and make a deposit and you are ready to play.

Where to Play Dragon Tiger Online

Dragon Tiger is a game that is featured at many online casinos. Not only that but as stated before, you can find the game in a wide variety of stakes. It is important when you play DragonTiger online for money that you choose a legitimate online casino. You need to not only make sure the casino has a valid license but that they have measures in place to ensure that your financial and personal information is 100% safe and secure. One of the nice things about playing DragonTiger online is that most casinos will allow you to play for free in the demo mode. This is great for beginners learning the game and for those that simply want to play for fun. There are also many live casinos online where you can play Dragon Tiger with a real dealer to enhance the gaming experience. When you look to play the game online find a legitimate casino, have solid bonuses and promotions, 24/7 customer service, and offer the banking method you are comfortable using.


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DragonTiger Rules

The object of DragonTiger is to guess which hand in the two of the Dragon and the Tiger will have the highest card. Before the hand is dealt you will bet on the Dragon the Tiger or the tie. The dealer will then deal one card to the Dragon and Tiger and one of those with the highest face value will win. For example, if you bet on the Dragon and the dealer deals a 9 to the Dragon and a 4 to the Tiger you will win the bet, as 9 has a higher value than 4. The aces are low in the game and if there is no bet on the tie and both cards for the Dragon and Tiger have the same value you will lose half of your bet. The Dragon and Tiger wagers both payout at 1:1.

If you bet on the tie both the Dragon and the Tiger have to have the same card value. The tie bet typically has a payout of 8:1 but it can be higher depending on where you are playing. The tie bet does have a big payout but also has a house edge of 32.7%.

The two other betting options in DragonTiger are Big and Small and the suited tie. In the Small bet, you can wager if the Dragon or Tiger card will be below a 7. Conversely, in the Big bet, you can wager if the Dragon or Tiger card will be above a 7. If you make either of these bets and the card is a 7 it is a losing bet.

The suited tie bet is the wager in Dragon Tiger that has the biggest payout but also has the biggest house edge. In this bet you are not only betting on a tie but that the tie will be suited, so the card value has to be the same as well as the same suit of clubs, hearts, diamonds, or spades. An example of a winning suited tie bet is that if the Tiger and Dragon both have the card of a 5 of spades. The payout for the suited tie bet is typically 50:1 but can be as high as 60:1 depending on where you are playing.

Dragon Tiger Strategy

Dragon Tiger is a simple game to play but some strategy tips can increase your chances of winning.

  • Make the Tiger or Dragon Bet Most Often – This bet has an even money payout and not nearly as good as the tie bet or suited tie bet, but the two bets have, by far, the lowest house edge.
  • Avoid Tie Bets – This tip is the converse one to the first one, as the tie bet and suited tie bet should be avoided. The payout is big for both bets, but the house edge is also big and in the long run, it is not worth it.
  • Know the Game and the Payouts – Before playing DragonTiger for real money make sure you fully know the game. On top of that, you need to know the payouts, as they will differ at online casinos. It is a good idea to find the online casino that offers the best payouts for the game, which is mainly the ones for the tie bets.
  • Use Smart Money Management – For any casino game using smart money management is vital and that goes for DragonTiger as well. Have a specific amount for your bankroll for a playing session and do not surpass it. The saying rings true in that you should never gamble with more than you can afford to lose. In terms of money management be smart and do not chase losses. Do not bet more on a hand or hands after losing a few of them. It is best to chip away at losses rather than get it all back at once. Chasing losses is the fastest way to drain your bankroll.
  • Do Not Follow Patterns – If the Dragon card has been the winner five times in a row it does not mean the odds are better that it will be a winner for a sixth straight time. The odds for each hand are the same no matter what happened in the previous hands.

Last Updated on September 28, 2020