How to Play Teen Patti

Teen Patti is a card game that means three cards in Hindi. The game originated in India and has become a very popular one throughout South Asia. It has gone from the streets of India and is now featured at many land-based and online casinos that cater to the Indian and Asian markets. The game is much like poker in hand rankings and betting. Nowadays there are many placed to play the fun and exciting game whether it be playing physically or online.

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Teen Patti History

Teen Patti is a game that was originated hundreds of years ago in India and is one of the three most popular card games in the country to this day. The game spread to South Asia and is also very close to the English game of Three-Card-Brag. Teen Patti is now played all over the world. Especially with the advent of online casinos, and is sometimes called Flash or Flush. Teen Patti is not as popular in online casinos in North American and the United Kingdom. However, more and more online casinos in those places and the world over are adding it to their game library.


In terms of the advent of online casinos in the late 1990s and early 2000s, it showed many that were not familiar to the game of Teen Patti how fun and exciting it can be. Again, you can mostly find it available at online casinos that cater to the Indian and Asian markets. Still, from the game’s origins until today from playing on the streets of India to playing in live casino games with a real dealer the popularity of Teen Patti has increased significantly and will likely continue to do so.

Is Teen Patti Legal?

Predominantly it is legal to play Teen Patti but a lot of it will depend on where you reside. If you walk into a land-based casino and they offer the game you can be sure it is legal. However, when it comes to playing the game online that is when gaming jurisdictions come into place. Even if an online casino has a license from a legitimate body it is not legal to gamble online where you live it is technically illegal. Still, there are offshore casinos that offer Teen Patti where you can play, and it is extremely rare when players are prosecuted for gambling online. Again, for the most part, it is legal to play Teen Patti online, but it is always a good idea to research beforehand to find out if it is legal where you reside.

Where to Play Teen Patti Online

There are many casinos online these days that will offer Teen Patti in a wide variety of stakes. The game has Indian origins and it is most prevalent at online casinos that cater to the Indian and Asian markets. With a little research, you can find a legitimate and solid online casino that offers Teen Patti and is one you feel comfortable playing at. Here are some great online casinos where you can try real money Teen Patti:




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Teen Patti Rules

The first thing for the rules of Teen Patti is to have a minimum stake or ante set. Everyone in the game places their ante in the middle of the table and then the dealer will deal out three cards to each player. The players then make bets during the game on if they are holding the best three-card hand. Before betting the players have two options in looking at their cards before the bet, which is playing seen, or leaving their cards on the table without looking at them, which means playing blind.

Teen Patti Rankings

Before the betting process of the game and the other rules here is the list of the hand rankings from best to worst:


  • Trio – Three of the same cards referred to as simply three of a kind. The Aces are the card with the highest value in the game so three Aces if the highest-ranking trio with three 2’s being the lowest.


  • Straight Run – Three consecutive cards having the same suit. The Ace can be used high or low, so an A-2-3 is the best straight run possible with 2-3-4 being the lowest.


  • Normal Run – Three consecutive cards not having to be the same suit. Again the Ace can be used as high or low and A-2-3 is the highest-ranking with 2-3-4 the lowest ranking.


  • Color (Flush) – Any three cards of the same suit. For this hand’s rankings, you look at the highest card so the highest color ranked hand would be A-K-J while the lowest would be 2-3-5.


  • 2 Pair – Two cards of the same value. In the pair hand, A-A-K would be the highest hand ranking and 2-2-3 would be the lowest. If two players have the same pair, such as 2 Kings than the player with the highest 3rd card that is not in the pair will have the highest hand ranking.


  • High Card – Having the highest card. In terms of this hand’s rankings, you look at the highest card, second highest card, and the lowest one. The highest-ranked high card hand is A-K-J and 2-3-5 is the lowest.


Game Betting

The betting begins in Teen Patti with the player on the left of the dealer and goes on with players taking turns making actions in a clockwise fashion around the table. This continues to go on until there is a winner of the hand. A player has to either bet to stay in the hand or fold and lose their bet. The money you have to put in the pot depends on the game’s stake and if you are playing your hand blind or seen. It is, obviously, advantageous to look at the cards to know what you have but that is why players that are seen must bet 2x the bet amount of blind players to stay alive in the hand.

Playing blind

If you are playing blind you have to match the stake and not bet more than twice the stake. The stake for the following player after your action is the amount that you bet. If you are playing seen you will have to bet 2x the amount of the sake but not more than 4x. Then, the stake for the following player after you is half of the amount that you bet. If you are playing blind and if it is your betting turn you have the option to look at your hand. Then you become seen from then on and have to wager 2x the stake of choose to fold.


The betting at the table goes on this until one of two things happen:


  • Everyone folds but one player meaning they won the hand.

  • Only two players are remaining, and one pays for a show. If this happens the remaining two players show their cards and they are compared.

Teen Patti rules for show

  • If you are playing blind it will cost you the current stake for a show. This is set and does not matter if the other player is blind or seen. You cannot look at your hand until you have made the show bet into the pot.

  • If you are playing seen and the other remaining player is playing blind you cannot ask for a show. The seen player only has the options to keep wagering or fold the hand.

  • If both of the remaining players are seen either one can pay for a show being 2x the stake.


When a show happens both players show their cards and the one that has the best hand wins. In the rare occasion of both hands having the same value, the player that paid for the show will lose the hand.


If all the players at the table are seen and it is your turn to bet and you stay in the hand betting 2x the stake you can request a sideshow, which is also called a compromise, to the player who bet before you. They can refuse or accept the sideshow. If they accept it the two players will compare hands, without being seen by the other players, and the player with the lowest hand must fold. When the hands have equal value the player that requested the sideshow has to fold. If the player refuses the sideshow the game continues normally until the end with one player winning the pot.


How to Play Online Teen Patti

The rules for playing Teen Patti are the same as playing physically but there can be other variations of the game and additional bets. When you play online the casinos will also have several tables of the game in different stakes. For the actions in the game such as the show and the sideshow whenever that option is available to you, you will be prompted if you want to take that action. The game is also very similar if you play in a live game at an online casino, but you will be playing with a real dealer that you can chat with. Not only that, but there are some online casinos where you can also chat with other players, which is nice for a multiplayer game like Teen Patti. Before you sit down to play the game at an online casino you need to know the rules of that casino for the game as well as stakes and additional betting options.


Advantages of playing Teen Patti online


One of the reasons it is advantageous to play Teen Patti online is that if you are playing for money that money is safe and secure. This is not the case, often, playing in the streets or a physical setting. Also, the options are greater for you when playing online in the aforementioned additional betting options and game variations. Often, at online casinos, they will also offer a demo mode in the game, which means you can play for free. This is a good option if you are beginning player, as you can learn how to play the game better. Also, you can simply play the game for free online if you want to play for fun without spending any money.

Teen Patti Strategy

In terms of strategy, it is good to use the following tips for four of the actions in the game in playing blind, seen, asking for a sideshow or folding.


  • Playing Blind – You are not looking at your cards and are betting on the strength of your opponents’ hands. Playing blind is a good idea, as you are betting less to stay in the hand. The longer you stay in the hand the more likely it will be that other players will fold. You should play blind if you believe that seen players do not have a strong hand. You are playing blind so it is a bit of a gut call but on the flip side you are staying alive betting a smaller amount and the longer you are in the hand the more likely it will be that you win.


  • Playing Seen – You are playing seen meaning you can look at the cards you have at any time. It is a good idea to bet playing seen if you have a strong hand or you want to bluff other players to fold their hands.


  • Request a Sideshow – If you are seen you can request a sideshow after you make a bet to the player that bet previous to you. It is a good idea to request a sideshow if you think your hand is better than the hand of the previous bettor.


  • Fold – You can fold at any time and you should do so if you have a weak hand and do not want to keep adding money in the pot. This is especially the case if a seen player or players are betting, so they may have a strong hand. Folding will save you money and preserve your bankroll longer.

Teen Patti tips & tricks

  • Beware of the Bluff – Teen Patti is like poker in hand rankings and actions such as the bluff. However, the bluff is best suited in this game when there is only a player or players remaining that are seen. Yes, a blind player may not want to wager after you bet and are bluffing since they have not seen their cards but calling a bluff will not cost them as much money since they are blind. You typically bluff with a weak hand and if you do this against a blind player and they call you it can often backfire.

  • Know the Game – When you play Teen Patti make sure you know how to play in all of the rules and hand rankings, and this is especially the case if you are playing for money. In terms of playing the game online make sure you know the stakes of the game and the additional betting options before you start your session.

  • Use Smart Money Management – When playing Teen Patti or any other casino game you need to use smart money management. Have a specific bankroll for a session and do not surpass it and you should never gamble with more money than you can afford to lose. Be smart with your bankroll and Teen Patti is like poker in that it is a marathon and not a sprint so bet accordingly. Also, never chase losses trying to recoup lost money by betting more on the next hand or hands. This can get you in a hole very quickly, as it is always better to chip away at losses rather than trying to get it all back right away.

Real Money Teen Patti

When you play Teen Patti for real money you can choose to play at land-based casinos or online. Playing online gives you more options in terms of the stakes of the game and variations. On top of that, you know your money is secure playing at a legitimate online casino and you can play from the comfort of your own home. When you play online for real money you need to make sure the casino carries a license from a legitimate gaming body. Also, when you are choosing an online casino to play at make sure they have measures in place to ensure that your personal and financial information that you give them is safe and secure and will not be shared with any third parties. It is always a good idea to read up on an online casino you are looking to join be reading reviews and looking at the site where they will usually have links with information about its security and terms and conditions.


When you play at an online casino you always need to check out various bonuses and promotions that you can take advantage of to pad your gaming bankroll. It is not hard to find an online casino where you can play real money Teen Patti, but you have to do a little research to find a reputable one that will fulfil your gambling needs.