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Are you interested in learning how to play Baccarat or how to start winning on Blackjack? You have come to the right place. RoyalCasino´s casino games guides are here to help you whether you are just starting or you already have some experience. It is always worth revising the rules, tips and strategies anyway!

Our game guides are written with a reader (that is you) in mind. We provide game guides to play many popular games such as Andar Bahar, Teen Patti, Baccarat and Sic Bo. Learn the basics, find out about the history and know the tips and tricks to each game. The guides are easy to follow and are separated into small sections. Say you are just intrigued by the tips and tricks? Simply scroll for the subtitle and skip what you already know. Most game guides have examples to explain the game round when it is necessary. Casino Game guides provided by us address the importance of responsible gaming, discussing topics such as playing games with real money as well as good budget management.

Besides giving you a hand on how to start adventuring into exciting and fun games, our focus is on finding the best and most trustworthy live casinos and online casinos on the internet for Indian players. Casinos listed on our page have been reviewed by us with Indian players, trustworthiness and the quality of service in mind. Choosing the right online casino or live casino is as important as knowing how to play the game. We have made this a bit easier for you by listing the best online casinos for Indian players. Have a look, read our reviews and familiarize yourself to the world of online casinos. RoyalCasino is at your convenience!

  • Game Guides are well-structured and easy to navigate
  • Our Game Guide has information on game rules, history and tips on various Casino games
  • Online casinos represented have been reviewed

Next, we´re going to touch lightly upon the three most popular Casino games by players from India: Teen Patti, Andar Bahar and Sic Bo. Find out about the history as well as the game type a bit. And, if it turns out you are interested to learn more, there are more comprehensive guides on each game provided!

Teen Patti

Many Indians know this game by heart – it is Teen Patti. The name of this game means `three cards´ and it originates from India. The game has found its way to many brick and mortar casinos across Southeast Asia due to its fun and fast-paced nature and relatively simple rules compared to other poker games.

The two most crucial things about Teen Patti are hands as well as blind and seen players. Whoever has the highest hand in the game wins it all. The two highest and most unlikely hands are Trail and Pure Sequence, after which comes Sequence, Colour, Pair and High Card. Consider playing blind if you want to play with small bets and play as seen if you are confident in betting more, as seen players are required to bet double the amount of blind players.

In recent years, online casinos have noticed growing popularity for the game. Real money Teen Patti is most often found as a live casino table game where real casino dealers engage with you via camera.

  • Teen Patti originates in India
  • This popular game is based on who has the highest hand at the end
  • The game is considered as game of luck but some strategies exist

Andar Bahar

Andar Bahar is a simple and fast-paced game where players have the chance to test their luck and win some cash. The game originally comes from Bangalore, India but has then spread all across India and also to other countries. The name refers to the game, as Andar and Bahar are two sides of the table. Andar Bahar is often also called Katti.

The idea is simple: players guess whether a specific card, Middle Card, lands to Andar or Bahar side. So, if the Middle Card is for instance 10 hearts, players guess which side any other card with value 10 lands. If guessed correctly, the player doubles the bet. If guessed incorrectly, the bet is lost.

As one may imagine, Andar Bahar is a game of luck with about a 50/50 chance to win. Some variations of the game may exist, but the base is simple: place your bets and cross your fingers.

  • The history of Andar Bahar started from Bangalore, India
  • Players should guess whether a card lands to Andar or Bahar side
  • The game has a 50/50 chances to win or lose

Sic Bo

Unlike Teen Patti and Andar Bahar which are card games originating from India, Sic Bo is a popular Chinese dice game with a long history. The game is however loved all over in Asia and has thus gained popularity also within Indian players. Macau’s casinos are the destiny of Sic Bo lovers, but it is possible to get a very realistic experience at a live casino on online casinos.

Sic Bo has many names (Dai Siu, Hi-Lo and Tai Sai to name a few) and it means `precious dice´ in English. The aim is to guess on the numbers of three dice. What makes Sic Bo exciting but also a bit confusing for the first-timers is the game board as it is easy to get lost in so many betting options. The most common is to bet on Big or Small numbers which pays 1:1. You can also bet on doubles, triples, a certain total of 3 dice or just individual numbers.

The best idea is to read a bit more about the game and have a look at the game table in order to truly understand the game. Nowadays online casinos also provide variations of Sic Bo.

  • Sic Bo is a Chinese dice game played usually with 3 dices
  • The game is based on luck including various betting options
  • The safest bet is to bet on small or big numbers

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Last Updated on September 28, 2020