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Best Casino Bonuses in India – it’s no surprise that this particular article you’re currently reading, is by far the most popular we have on the site. Indian players love to gamble, but what they love even more, is when they’re able to gamble with bonuses! is currently listed as one of the best places to find casino bonuses for Indian players, and we’re humbled by recognition. By reading this article, you’ll know everything you ever wished for, when it comes to casino bonuses and how to claim them. If you didn’t know, there are some hidden tools that you can use, every time you claim a bonus. Who wouldn’t want to maximise their odds of generating as much income as possible through bonuses?

First thing to remember when claiming bonuses, is the fact that the biggest isn’t always the best. The bigger the bonus is, it’s more likely that the actual wagering requirements are bad for the players, thus making the bonus worse than maybe the ones with smaller caps. That being said, big bonuses doesn’t always mean bad bonuses – it’s a tricky environment, and that’s exactly why we’re here to help you.

Making educated decisions whilst navigating through online casinos can be worth a lot of money in the long run – you can bet your head on that.

Best Casino Bonuses India – General Terms and Conditions

Before jumping into details of where to find the best bonuses, let’s start by looking how each bonus is tied to a set of different rules and conditions. These are usually called “Bonus terms and conditions”, and it is MANDATORY that you read them, before you start playing. This is the number one mistake new Indian players make, as they just deposit and start playing. Later on the road when they want to make their first withdrawal, they notice that the bonus is locked because they haven’t met the criterias of wagering the bonus. We’re not trying to scare you, we’re just simply trying to give you the best possible tools to avoid mistakes other players are making.

So, one more time: before you take any bonuses, always make sure you understand how they work and what requirements are tied to them.


Wagering is one of the biggest factors to determine whether the bonus is good or not. The more you have to wager, the harder it gets to actually get anything out the bonus. It doesn’t matter if you have 100 000 INR in your account, if you have to wager that 100x times – the odds for you to lose that money before 100x wagering is completed, are slim to none. These are the most common wagering requirements of casino bonuses:

  • 20 – 35x wagering requirement
  • Available for 14 to 30 days
  • Max bet. 400 ₹
CasinoDeposit BonusWagering Requirement
Royal Panda₹10,00035x


Certain games are banned whilst completing the bonus, and this differs based on what site are you playing on. If for example the bonus says “casino bonus for slots”, it’s probably not a good idea to play on live tables with the bonus. Some games also count towards the wagering, some doesn’t. Usually live casino games are only contributing 10% of what the slots are. Example:

  1. You bet 1000 ₹ on a slot, your wagering requirements will go down for 1000 ₹ (100%)
  2. You bet 1000 ₹ on live casino, your wagering requirements will go down for only 100 ₹ (10%)

So here we are again – remember to read and fully understand the limitations of each bonus your trying to activate.


Expiration date is usually irrelevant, because most of the bonuses are either completed, or lost during the same day you activate it. If for some reason you forget to wager your bonus and it expires (14 to 30 days), the worst case scenario is, that you’ll lose everything you accumulated with the bonus money + the bonus itself. As mentioned, expiration dates are usually pretty generous, and you shouldn’t have problems with them. It’s just a good idea to know when these are, as in some promotions it can actually be as little as 24 to 72 hours (usually on free spins).

How to pick your bonus – find the best Indian casino bonuses

Now we’re going to teach you how to determine which sites and bonuses are the best ones. Once you learn this method, you’re going to make financially better decisions in the future, which will save you a lot of money. We’re going to tell you exactly how WE are evaluating the casinos, so that you can use it later on to your advantage. Obviously, if you’re feeling lazy, you know you can just our word for it and mindlessly start clicking through our bonuses – do whatever you feel like is the best way to go about it!

Before taking any bonuses, evaluate the actual online casinos that is offering them. Make sure they’ll fit the description:

  • Visually pleasing
  • Good english content (or even better, Hindi)
  • Professional customer support
  • Wide range of different games
  • Good reputation amongst Indian players

When you’re sure that the site you’re using is legit, it’s time to evaluate the available bonuses as well. Go to their terms and conditions, and make sure the bonus is something like this (or at least close):

  • Wagering requirements no more than 45x
  • Valid at least for 14 days
  • Not too restrictive game selection
  • There is no ceiling for winnings (or at least they are very high)

No Deposit Bonuses India – free money without deposit

No deposit bonuses are the best way to enjoy gambling, if you’re not financially prepared to lose your investment. We’re not obviously saying this will happen every time, but you should know that when gambling, the odds are always in favour of the casino – that’s the whole point of it! Games of luck are extremely exciting, because you’ll never know when the odds temporarily turn into your favour, and you’re able to rack up some serious winnings! However, we’ve all been in a situation where we just don’t simply have anything to play with, but we’d still like to have sum fun in the casino. No deposit bonuses are your best friend in this case.

No deposit bonuses are pretty rare nowadays, but there still are some out there. Most of the time these no deposit bonuses are being titled as “free spins” or “free money”, which we’ll cover in the next section.

Free Spins

Free spins are extremely usable for two things:

  1. Playing completely risk free
  2. Trying out new games or promotions

There are all types of free spins usually available, but most commonly they are used together with deposit bonuses. The typical way of giving out free spins is: “make your first deposit and receive x amount of free spins”. The good thing about these kind of promotions is the fact that it only requires you to do a minimum deposit. We’ve never seen a casino asking bigger deposits for free spins, so it’s pretty cheap way of getting some extra value out of your deposit.

Free spins are not available for every game you wish to play, as the games you can use them are pretty much always predetermined by the online casino. The games are usually being selected based on popularity, or if they are completely new releases that the casino wants you to try.

Few years ago the average amount of free spins you received when making your first deposit was around 50 spins – now it’s more than 100! It’s safe to say, the free spin campaigns are way better than they were few years back. Regardless of how many free spins you’re receiving, remember that they are also subject to terms and conditions. These are the most common ones:

  • Wagering 20 – 30 x
  • Valid for 24 to 72 hours after receiving
  • Bigger quantities of free spins are usually paid in pieces (e.g. 10 spins per day, for 10 days straight)

Check out our full guide that we wrote about Free spins and where to find the best ones!


Not many players realize this, but cashback bonuses are probably the best bonuses available at the moment. It’s often overlooked by the fact that cashback bonuses doesn’t immediately generate additional funds to your account, but it will most certainly do it on longer periods of time. Cashback program usually works in a way where online casino is paying you back 5 to 10 % of the losses you accumulated during the day / week. You don’t have to be award winning mathematician to realize, that in the long run, this type of promotion will be worth a lot more than just one time deposit bonus.

Many online casinos offer 10% cashback, which will be calculate based on your net loss. Cashback is usually paid weekly, and it will be added directly to your balance. When it comes to other terms and conditions, there are basically none. Some casinos asks you to wager the cashback 1 time (1x), and some are just saying: “here, you can have it and do whatever you want with it!”.

Best part about cashback bonuses? It usually doesn’t mean that you can’t take any first deposit bonuses, and have cashback running in the background!

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Deposit bonuses

So far we’ve mostly talked about how new players are taking advantage of different bonuses, but now it’s time to focus more on the older (not literally, figuratively) customers. If you’ve played on a site long enough, you’d probably already know that they are doing whatever it takes to lure you back in. The competition is fierce, and casinos want to flip every possible stone in order to get you back into their site. Reload bonuses are often used in these instances, as they are pretty generous in terms of requirements.

Reload bonuses / Deposit bonuses are a bit smaller than your average first deposit bonus, as usually they are 25 to 50 %, compared to the normal 100%. It’s not a big drawback, as wagering can be as little as 15 times when it comes to reload bonuses.

Usually the only way to receive these is that you allow the casino to send promotional material to your e-mail. Just simply register your account with an e-mail address that you don’t mind getting spammed from time to time and you’re good to go. Nowadays the casinos only send like one e-mail per week, which is not too bad.

Non sticky bonuses – a new concept for Indian casino bonuses

Non sticky bonuses are a completely new way of adding value to the players. It’s so new, that there isn’t even official term for these, as everyone is calling them with different name. We’ve decided to go with the “non sticky” as that’s what most casinos are calling them. The bonus itself isn’t anything special, as it can be your regular 100% deposit bonus, but the difference lies in the wagering of the actual bonus.

Non sticky bonus means that you’re able to withdraw any winnings accumulated with the bonus, regardless if you’ve wagered it or not. You can probably see why is that a huge deal for the players. If you manage to get really lucky and accumulate a lot of winnings, it would probably take you a long time to wager all those, but instead with non sticky bonuses, you’re able to withdraw whenever you feel like it. The only thing you’re going to lose is the actual bonus amount, which is understandable.

Weird part about these non sticky bonuses are that it’s not usually mentioned anywhere else than in the terms and conditions. I don’t know how many times we’ve already said this, but remember to read the terms and conditions!

Best VIP bonuses India

You probably know that VIP stands for “Very Important Person”. VIP’s are what makes or breaks online casinos. VIP players are the ones that are loyal, and play consistently on the site. There are usually two different approaches to VIP programs, as some casinos have it displayed on the site, and some have just VIP programs you can get into by receiving an invite. Doesn’t really matter what the method is, you can be sure that if you’re loyal and a good customer, you’re eventually going to receive VIP perks. These usually include stuff like:

  • Exclusive VIP bonuses with easier wagering requirements
  • Invites to actual events hosted by the casino
  • 24/7 VIP customer support
  • Dedicated account managers
  • Free Spins and free bonuses

If you find a site you really like, you should try and stick with it. VIP bonuses will add huge value if you’re just patient with it. You can obviously try out different sites and bonuses, but try to keep one casino as your “main” place to gamble.

Summary & FAQ

Last Updated on September 28, 2020