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Best Casinos in Rupees

Casinos in rupees – these are the best ones! We know that majority of Indian players are looking to set up online casino accounts with their own currency, as currency conversion fees might sometimes hurt your overall profits quite a bit. It’s not only the conversion fees, but who can honestly say, that they know the exact rate of INR to EUR or INR to USD (EUR and USD are the two most common currencies used in online casinos)? If you don’t know what the rate is, it’s hard sometimes to actually calculate how much you’ve won so far – if you’re playing on slots for example.

Nowadays it’s not that hard to find Indian online casinos with INR, because the market focus has slowly shifted towards Indian players in the past few years. It seems that every other online casinos now wants Indian customers – and we can’t blame them! Indian players can be very demanding, but they’ll also show their unconditional support, if the site is doing a good job.

Our mission is to rate all the best Indian online casinos, and you don’t have to do anything! Enjoy our articles, try out some new casinos, and be prepared to find unbelievable casino offers in rupees!

How to find best Casinos in Rupees 2020

Finding the best possible casino for each individual is a tricky task. There are so many different player types amongst Indian players, that it’s actually pretty hard to make them all happy at the same time! Some players like to play Live Casino, some slots and some only wants to place bets on sports. Regardless of what type of an player you are, RoyalCasino.in has got you covered. We’ve browsed through hundreds of different online casinos, making sure that nothing will be left unsolved.

At this sub category, we’re looking to find the best possible casinos in rupees, because as we mentioned earlier, there are some clear benefits of playing with the same currency you’re using on your daily life. Here’s how we determine if a casino is worth your time:

  1. What kind of payment fees do they have
  2. Will Indian players be able to open their account in INR
  3. Is there a Indian customer support
  4. Where the casino is registered, and if it’s working under regulated laws and licenses
  5. What the welcome bonuses looks for Indian players
  6. Is currencies and promotions displayed in INR
  7. What other Indian players have to say about the particular casino

By following these simple guidelines, you’re eventually able to determine yourself, if a casino is trustworthy or not.

Legal Indian Online Casinos in Rupees

The legal aspect of online gambling has always been a hot topic in India. According to several laws and gambling acts, online gambling isn’t prohibited. Gambling laws in India are pretty vague, but as far as we know, online gambling is completely legal. You don’t have to take our word for it, as there are quite literally millions of Indian players playing on online casinos as we speak. Please note that laws and regulation can be different throughout different states, so you should always check things with your local council, if you’re not 100% sure what you are doing.

Online Casino India – Payment methods

When playing with rupees, one important thing is to remember that your payment method should also support that currency, otherwise there will be some fees. If you originally created your online casino account in INR, and you’re using e-wallets like Skrill, you should make sure that your Skrill account is in INR as well. In worst case scenario, there will be currency conversion fees when you deposit, AND when you make a withdrawal.

If you’re using your credit card (attached to your Indian bank account), you should be just fine. Credit card companies will do automated currency conversions, if needed. The fees are still there, but they are not that big. The best way to avoid this is to have everything in rupees – e-wallets, bank accounts, online gambling accounts, etc.

If you DON’T have your casino account in rupees, make sure you’re using some kind of converter to determine how much you should be depositing. Usually the minimum deposit is somewhere around 500 to 800 ₹.

Currency exchange rates will change daily, but here’s how rupees compare to other widely used currencies on online casinos:

1000 ₹ in EUR = 12,56 €

1000 ₹ in USD = 13,86 $

1000 ₹ in CAD = 18,59 CA$

Registered in Europe, made for India

For Indian players, sometimes it’s hard to believe that a casino who holds it’s headquarters in Europe, will offer games in rupees. This is more common than you would believe, as almost all the best online casinos are currently located in Europe. Biggest reason for that is that in Europe, there are superior infrastructures in place, when it comes to gaming. Regulations, laws – all these are already in place, and setting up online casinos there is fairly simple. Also, if you’re looking at the job ads currently in the gambling sector in Europe, many online casinos are currently searching Indian employees to help and grow their market share in Indian.

The most popular geographical locations for online casinos are: Malta, Gibraltar, Estonia, Curacao. There are obviously other online casinos around the world as well, but we’re mostly focused on the ones that are in Europe. If you’re wondering why are we doing it like this, it’s purely because we already know most of the european online casinos are 100% legit. We hate to say it, but for example casinos registered in Latin America, there are way more criminal activities surrounding online casinos, such as money laundering etc.

Best Casino Bonuses INR

Alright, now the good stuff – casino bonuses in rupees! We know you’ve been waiting for this moment, and you probably already have noticed our banners on the site. We’re all about finding the best possible bonuses for Indian players, and it’s the biggest reason why players are browsing through our site. Most of the casinos offers a chance to open your account in INR, but not all of them offer bonuses in INR. We’re not sure why that’s the case, but don’t you worry, there are still plenty of bonuses for you to grab – all in rupees! Here’s three (3) online casinos that have their campaigns already mentioned in rupees, so you don’t have to be a human calculator in order to play!


#3 – Rizk – 100% up to 25 000 ₹

If you’re not new to our site, you’ve most likely noticed that we’re betting on Rizk big time! It’s by far one of the best partnerships we have here on RoyalCasino.in, and there’s a reason for it. Rizk is one of the biggest online casino operators in Europe (owned by world’s leading gaming company, Betsson Group) and it’s really focused on Indian markets as well. Rizk.com has all their Indian casino bonuses in rupees, which helps immensely you to make decisions when redeeming these bonuses.

The one that they have displayed on their front page is very unique! It’s 25 000 ₹ bonus up to 100%, but that’s not the catch. The catch is that this bonus is exclusively meant for Live Casino, which isn’t something you’ll be able to find on other casinos! For our full review of Rizk, please click here.

If you want to skip the review grab the bonus right away, follow this link!

#2 – Dreamz – 100% up to 20 000 ₹

Nope, this is not just a dream, this is reality! Dreamz online casinos has suddenly become a number 1 place for Indian players to start racking up some serious bonuses! Dreamz was originally founded to target the european gambling markets, but has since slowly aimed it’s focus towards Indian. If you’re Indian player looking to find yourself a new “home” in terms of online gambling, look no further.

All new Indian players will receive a nice 100% bonus up to 20 000 ₹ when they make their first deposit. Our full review of Dreamz can be found here.

Get your 20 000 ₹ bonus by clicking here

#1 – Genesis Casino – 100% up to 30 000 ₹ + 20 Free Spins

In terms of quality and visual graphics, we don’t think there are many sites better than Genesis Casino. The site has been tailored to meet the needs of an Indian casino players – and it’s quite visible. The 30 000 ₹ bonus is meant for slots, but if you’re up for some live games as well, there is a 100% bonus up to 8000 ₹ that is exclusively for live games. The choice is yours! Full review of Genesis Casino can be found here.

Click here and redeem your bonuses at Genesis Casino!

Live Casinos for Indian players – play with INR

If you’re like us, you absolutely love playing live games – especially if that option is available in rupees! If the actual casino you’re playing on offers INR, it’s probably used on the live tables as well. Sometimes there can be exceptions, but you should usually be able to play on the same currency you created your account originally.

Playing with rupees on a live casino has the same benefits that we’ve already went through. It’s way easier to play when you don’t have to convert the currency in your head, every time you’re placing a bet or racking up your wins. Also, there are several online casinos that has Indian live tables, that has hosts speaking Hindi (or english) and all the bets are placed in INR. Always be on the lookout for those, as these kind of tables will most likely bring you the best possible gambling experiences!

Mobile Casinos for Indian players – play with INR

Did you know, that over 50% of every single bet on online casinos comes through mobile devices? The actual number is probably quite a bit higher than 50%, but that’s the reality we’re living right now. If the online casino you’re currently playing doesn’t offer a superb mobile gambling experiences, you should be looking to change that immediately! It’s basically a standard now, that online casinos has to have top of the line mobile usability, otherwise the users are going elsewhere.

All of the casinos listed on our site has been tested with multiple different mobile devices, and we can guarantee, they all work pretty much perfectly! Some casinos are doing a better job in terms of user interfaces, but the actual functionalities of the games are pretty much equal, no matter where you are playing.


  • Always play with wifi or 4G connection. Live Casino games especially require a quite a bit of bandwidth, which can lower your enjoyment if you’re playing on a laggy table.
  • Be careful of what you’re betting. Yeah, some of us have big fingers, which can lead to unfortunate misclicks during gameplay!
  • Check for mobile-only-bonuses before you start playing
  • If there’s anything wrong with your mobile view when entering a game or a casino, always take a screenshot and contact customer support.
  • Don’t login to your gambling account by using public wifi

How does it all work? Step by step guide for playing on Indian Online Casinos

Okay, everything is now set – you’ve found your place to play, you have some cash in your bank account and you’re ready roll! If there isn’t a proper guidance on the casino for Indian players, some might find it a bit hard to start playing, if you’re not completely sure what you’re doing. Here’s a quick guide of how everything works from the moment you register your account, to the moment where you request your first withdrawal.

Step 1 – Register your account

Register your account through our page to ensure the exclusive bonuses, reserved for Indian players. When you enter the site, it’s pretty straightforward from there. Click “Register” and follow the instructions. We advise you not to use your mobile device when doing this, as it can get frustrating. You have to manually fill information like: address, name, phone, e-mail, etc.

Step 2 – Read the Terms and Conditions before claiming a bonus

Before you’re ready to make your first deposit, browse through the terms and conditions of the bonus you’re about to take. Every online casinos has different rules and wagering, so you should always check what those are before you start.

Step 3 – Deposit

Find the best payment method for you, and make your first deposit (only deposit as much as you’re willing to lose in the worst case scenario). Most commonly used deposit methods for Indian players are either VISA or Skrill / Neteller.

Step 4 – First withdrawal and KYC

When you request your first withdrawal, you’re probably prompted with a KYC request. KYC comes from the words “Know Your Customer”. For European online casinos that are fully regulated and licensed, this is a standard procedure, where they need to protect their customers and keep things safe. KYC procedure can be a bit different based on where you are playing, but more often than not it includes you providing required documents, such as ID, proof of address and proof of payment.

Once your account is fully verified, this process won’t most likely happen never again, and all your withdrawals are being processed automatically.

Summary & FAQ

Can Indian players play legally on online casinos?

Gambling isn’t allowed in India, but there isn’t a law that would prohibit ONLINE gambling. Some states have their own jurisdiction, but there are literally millions of Indian players playing every day – legally.

What is the best payment method to deposit in rupees?

It has to be either VISA or Skrill. If you’re using Skrill, make sure you’ve created your Skrill account in INR, before making deposits. This way you’ll avoid the unwanted currency conversion fees.

How can I open my account on online casino?

When registering your account, fill in your details and make sure you select INR as your currency. Usually the site will automatically recognize where you are located, and will suggest INR as the default option.

Do I have to pay taxes if I play on online casinos that has rupees?

Yes. According to Indian laws, all income generated through any sort of gambling falls under the tax laws. Tax percentage in these cases are usually 30%.

Can I play on Indian online casinos with my phone?

Yes. Almost all Indian online casinos will support mobile gambling.