Payment Methods in India

When you play at online gaming sites Indian players have options when it comes to payment methods for both deposits and withdrawals. Typically, most online casinos, sportsbooks, and poker rooms will have the payment options of credit card, bank wire, and eWallets.


For Indian players, the eWallet option is the best one considering Indian banks frown on transactions for online gaming sites and those transactions can be red-flagged the person can have some harsh penalties bestowed upon them such as taxes and/or fines.


EWallets allows you a quick and convenient way to fund an Indian gaming site or one from around the world. The eWallet works as a middleman between your Indian bank and the gaming site of your choice. Considering you are not funding the gaming site directly from an Indian bank account you can skirt the issues in terms of Indian banking laws frowning on online gaming site transactions.


Through an eWallet you can fund them from your Indian bank account and then use them to fund the online gaming site you play at. eWallet can be used for deposits and withdrawals at gaming sites and there are other benefits when using it as a banking method at online gaming sites.


Ewallets are simple to use and it is just as simple to set up an account. An eWallet offers top-notch security and when using one for your gaming purposes you will not be sharing your personal or financial information with a gaming site. Most of the time when you make deposits at online gaming sites using an eWallet the processing time is instant and the withdrawal times are fast. On top of those things, many of the top eWallets have a VIP or loyalty program, which can give you more benefits.


Best Payment Method in India

So, we have said that the best payment method in India for online gaming sites is using an eWallet, but which are the best ones? Three of the top eWallets used by Indian players are PayTM, Neteller, and Skrill.




PayTM is the leading online payment service in India and it is accepted at many online gaming sites not only in India but the world over. You can be sure that using PayTM is safe and secure, as they not only use the latest 128-bit SSL encryption but also are regulated by the Reserve Bank of India.


A few of the reasons that PayTM is popular with Indian players at online casinos is that it is simple to use, offers instant processing times and quick withdrawal times, there are no deposit fees associated, and there is customer service available 24/7, which is in English and Hindi. Another one of the main attractions of using PayTM is that the main currency is rupees and because of that there are no FX fees at Indian gaming sites or any that accept rupees as a playing currency.


PayTM is a payment service where you can buy many things, as it does not specialize in online gaming transactions. Because of that deposits are simple to make and withdrawals are as well and there is no need to worry about Indian banking laws. You can top off your PayTM account through your Indian bank account and also transfer funds from your PayTM account back to your Indian bank account.


PayTM eWallet can also be used for other things such as to make bill payments, transfer money, and render services from merchants from travel, entertainment, and retail both online and land-based.




Neteller is one of the most popular eWallets the world over and with good reason. It is simple to use, has top-notch security, offers 24/7 customer service, has low fees, fast processing times, and has a great VIP program. It is one of the preferred payment methods at online gaming sites, for both deposits and withdrawals, and it Is hard to find a good online casino, sportsbook, or poker room that does not accept Neteller. The eWallet accepts quite a few currencies and one of them is the Indian rupee.


It is very easy to create a Neteller account as well as fund it from your Indian bank account. Neteller is an eWallet that does not specialize in online gaming transactions so you can avoid taxes and penalties by using it to make deposits and withdrawals at an Indian online casino.


The more that you use your Neteller account in terms of the amount transferred the more benefits you can receive in the VIP program. Just a few of the benefits of being in the program include lower FX fees, enhanced customer support, higher withdrawal limits, and multiple currency accounts.




Skrill is another popular e-Wallet that is used by many to make deposits and withdrawals at online gaming sites. The reputable payment service offers low fees, fast processing times, great player security, a nice VIP program, and customer service is available 24/7. Rupees is one of the currencies accepted by the eWallet, so when using it for online gambling transactions you will not be subject to an FX fee if the gaming site accepts rupees.


You can top-off your Skrill account from your Indian bank and also withdraw funds from your online gaming site to Skrill and then transfer them to your bank account. Skrill also has a bank card that can be used at land-based retailers.


]In the Skrill VIP program there are four levels the level you are in will depend on the amount you spend. Just a few of the benefits of the program include lower FX fees, higher transaction limits, dedicated 24/7 customer support, and multiple currency accounts.


In terms of multiple currency accounts for Skrill and Neteller they are very advantageous to Indian players that play at non-Indian online gaming sites. If you have multiple currency accounts you can have one in rupees and the other in the currency, which is accepted at the online gaming site you play at. In the VIP programs you can transfer money for free from one account to the other and then when you use one of the accounts to top off your online gaming account you will not be charged an FX fee.

How to Deposit at Online Casino

It is very easy to deposit at an online casino, or sportsbook, or poker room. Here are the steps to take:


  • Login to your casino.
  • Go to the cashier, payment, or banking section.
  • Choose the deposit method that you want to use. (PayTM, Skrill, Neteller)
  • Input the amount of money you want to transfer into your online casino account.
  • Confirm the transaction.


Using PayTM, Neteller, and Skrill the processing times are almost always instant, so right when you confirm the transaction you are ready to play. PayTM is an Indian payment service, so while many Indian online casinos accept that as a form of payment not many international casinos will like they will for Skrill and Neteller.

Withdrawing From Online Casino

When it comes to withdrawals the process is similar to deposits. Here is the process.


  • Login to your online casino.
  • Go to the cashier, payment, or banking section.
  • Choose the withdrawal method that you want to use. (PayTM, Skrill, Neteller)
  • Input the amount of money you want to withdraw from your online casino account.
  • Confirm the transaction.


Also, just like deposits, many Indian online casinos will allow you to withdraw using PayTM but mot many international ones will like with Skrill and Neteller.


The withdrawal processing times will depend on the online casino that you play at. However, when using PayTM, Skrill, and Neteller they are very quick and can be anywhere from a couple of hours to a couple of days depending on the casino. Also, the withdrawal fee will depend on the online casino that you play at. Sometimes there will be a withdrawal fee and sometimes there will not be one, as it will depend on the online casino and the withdrawal method.


Anytime you make a deposit and a withdrawal at an online casino you should check your casino account as well as the banking option after you confirm the transaction. Make sure that the money has been added or taken out of your online casino account and if there are any issues you can contact the casino’s customer service department.

Mobile Payments

If you want to make a transaction at the gaming site you play at through your mobile phone you can oftentimes do that. PayTM, Neteller and Skrill all have mobile applications that are free to download and allow you to make transactions at your online casino, sportsbook, or poker room directly from your mobile phone.


You can use your mobile phone to make transactions at gaming sites and with the security measures in place you can be sure that those transactions are 100% safe and secure.  If you use a mobile application for an eWallet where rupees is the currency you will be charged an FX fee if the online gaming site does not accept that currency.

January 4, 2021 By Royalcasino